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Primary Sources

Many primary sources may not exist in their original format. However, generally you can determine if a source is primary based on: when it was created, and who created it. For this course, this also includes translations.

The best place to find primary sources are your secondary sources!

Use their bibliographies to identify useful sources, and reverse search for them. Archival and specific collection names are most effective. Note that many archives will have similar names and verifying location will be important.

[sample citation] Theodore Roosevelt Newspaper Clippings (1884-1886), SC 1119, Folder 1, Theodore Roosevelt Collection of PapersNorth Dakota State University Institute for Regional Studies, Fargo, ND. 

- Use ArchiveGrid to find archives globally (may not offer digital options)

Find Books F1201-3799 Latin America. Spanish America

F1201-1221 Mexico > Antiquities. Indians.

F1401-1569.C2 Central America

F1601-1991 West Indies

F2001-2151 Lesser Antilles

F2155-2191 Caribbean area. Caribbean Sea

F2201-3799 South America

Detailed Information can be found in this PDF

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